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Drift off to a sweet, blissful relaxed state with our treatments, customized to your specific skin concern. 

Here at Lavish Studios, we use rich, all-natural products containing live probiotics, which help maintain the skin microbiome function and immune system. These live probiotics reinforce good bacteria on the skin and the deliver vitamins, nutrients, and antimicrobial peptides your skin needs to defend itself and be healthy.

Lavish Studios
Signature Facial

Experience the LaFlore® Signature Glow. Expertly formulated to refresh dull and dehydrated skin, delivering a boost of topical LIVE probiotics. This microbiome-friendly facial helps defend your skin against pathogens, manages the ideal pH while continuously delivering the vitamins, minerals, and peptides your skin needs for balance. Includes hand treatment.  

45 - 60 minutes


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Lavish Studios
Age Defying Facial

Awaken your skin with a highly stimulating anti-aging treatment for all skin types, except those that are extremely sensitive. This botanical blend of organic, vitamin rich products, gently smooths and refines your complexion.


With a delicious blend of banana pulp, echinacea, turmeric & absorbent clays, this facial gives skin clarity and increases circulation while erasing the look of fine lines and firming the skin over time. This is one of our most loved facials.    


60 minutes


Lavish Studios
Organic Acne Treatment

Targeting acne and its root causes, this treatment refines and soothes irritated skin. Includes a purifying cleanse, gentle exfoliation, LED light to heal topically and finishes with a Gua Sha massage to encourage lymphatic flow to remove toxins and start the healing process

60 Minutes



Lavish Studios Radiofrequency (RF)
Facial Therapy

RF therapy uses energy waves to heat the deep layers of the skin and lifts facial skin by stimulating collagen production, elastin and hyaluronic acid production for reducing the appearance of fine lines wrinkles and loose skin – resulting in overall firmer skin. We’re confident you will love the results! For best results, six treatments are recommended.

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