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Healing Oncology Patients Esthetically


As my skincare practice has evolved, I realized there is a great need to have a place where oncology patients can go to begin the healing process of their skin and self-esteem. When my mother experienced cancer years ago, she’d tell me her skin felt like she was burning on the inside and didn’t want to be touched. In her last months of life, she didn’t even want to be touched, hugged, or even kissed on the face or hands. This experience really touched my heart and stuck with me. As a result, when I became an esthetician, I wanted to give back in a meaning, impactful way to those on their cancer journey. The HOPE Initiative does just that.


The HOPE Initiative provides: 

A welcoming and supportive environment where an oncology trained, licensed esthetician helps minimize the effects of cancer treatments and helps patients strive for a better overall sense of well-being. 


Services and benefits of oncology esthetic services include:

  • Overall guidance on skin care and choosing safe and effective products.

  • Skincare for redness, rashes, and breakouts which are medication related.

  • Treatment of overall skin dryness, flaking, redness and inflammation.

  • Products that can assist in minimizing radiation redness.

  • Proper product guidance to prevent UV damage from medication-related phototoxicity.

  • Comfort for mucositis (mouth sores) and peripheral neuropathy.

  • Assistance in securing wigs and selection as a temporary hair loss solution.

  • Lessons in makeup techniques to restore the appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes.

The Heavenly Healing

Healing and nurturing is what this service is all about. This facial is designed to complement and address unique skin concerns that arise from oncology treatment while alleviating stress and anxiety, and healing the skin's barrier. Benefits include increased circulation, relaxation, calming the skin and promoting cell regeneration.


Skin conditions that can be helped include chest and décolleté healing, scar healing, extreme skin sensitivity, dry and scaling skin, inflammation, and irritation relief. Each facial is customized to the specific client need.

This service is for chemotherapy and autoimmune conditions. It's also beneficial for compromised and sensitive skin.

45-60 min $85

To schedule a free consultation or learn more, contact Charlotte Scarbrough at 770-733-2391

or email

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