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It's no secret long, thick eyelashes with extensions enhance your natural beauty and confidence without the use of makeup or other beauty products. Our laser, mink lashes have more bonding area due to their uneven surface, and allows for better adhesion, which makes the lashes stay on 25% longer.  These lashes are also resilient, resistant to water, exercise and pretty much everything you do. Meaning, with good home care, you only need to have a fill-in once per month.


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Lavish Studios Classic Lash

Our classic lashes offer the most natural look and feel. They gently enhance your overall look.  

Classic Lash Full Set


Meet Dr. Lash

Nancy Comstock is a licensed esthetician and lash artist with 20+ years in the business. She is an expert in all styles of lash, with her favorite being volume.

She graduated from Catherine Hinds Institute in 2003 and immediately jumped into lash extensions. Since then she has attended several continuing ed classes to further hone her skills and to offer the newest lash solutions.

For questions about lashes call or text Nancy at: 603-801-3059.


Lavish Studios Volume Lash

These are our most glamorous lashes. They dramatically enhance your overall look.  

Volume Lash Full Set


Lavish Studios Lash Fill-Ins

Classic Lash 2 Week Fill-In

Classic Lash 3 Week Fill-In

Lash Fill Plus* Additional charge for

booking past four weeks.


Volume Lash 2 Week Fill-In

Volume Lash 3 Week Fill-In    

Lash Fill Plus* Additional charge for

booking past four weeks.

 All lash extensions clients should arrive for their service with no eye makeup on


All Full Set services are approximately

2-hours long and Fill-In services are approximately 1 hour long.







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