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Experience the Benefits of Massage

With our State-of-the-Art Massage Chair

Or A Therapeutic Hands-On Massage


Massage provides tremendous health benefits. We make it simple and convenient to receive these benefits with our 4D massage chair. It's convenient to use (no need to disrobe) and convenient to schedule. Drop in on your lunch hour or any time that works for you (or book a massage just before or after a facial treatment) to experience a 20-minute or 30-minute massage. Your body will thank you!

Experience the Finest in Massage Technology

Welcome to the Titan 4D Vigor Massage Chair! This massage system utilizes auto body scanning and 4D massage technology that provide a custom-tailored massage.

Plus, you can listen to calming music using bluetooth from your phone (and it will charge your phone as you relax!


Unique Body Scanning System for the Perfect Massage

Everybody has a unique physique with different needs, that’s why the Vigor makes use of an intelligent computerized body scan to map every inch of your spine and shoulders. This enables the massage rollers to provide the appropriate amount of pressure for any individual.

Therapeutic Hands-On Massage With
Heather Johnson

Heather is state licensed and insured, and a vivacious, 36 years old who has been performing massage for 6 years. Her specialty is deep tissue however she’s certified in Swedish, Prenatal, NMT, myofascial release, reflexology, Thai and other modalities.


Heather has a bubbly personality and projects a calm and nurturing vibe.  Overall, she loves helping people and doesn’t see massage as her job but rather a passion. Book a appointment with Heather today, your body will love you for it! 

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