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About Lavish Studios


About Our Team

Lavish Studios is a collaboration of independent, licensed, and passionate, professionals committed to elevating skincare through holistic practices. We combine our treatments with organic and natural products served up with exceptional customer service. 

Our Skin Care Philosophy


We improve your skincare health by treating and protecting your skin’s microbiome. Skin microbiome is a term used to describe the millions of different friendly organisms, bacteria, viruses, and fungi – that live on human skin. Think of it as an invisible eco-system living on the skin that provides nutrition, protection, and defense against pathogens. It continuously delivers vitamins, minerals, and peptides to the skin to maintain balance. The skin microbiome is as individual to each person as a fingerprint because lifestyle, diet, location, ethnicity etc., all play a part in its make-up.


Most common skin concerns are related to an imbalanced skin microbiome. Skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and rosacea are believed to be connected to the lack of diversity in the skin microbiome. This can be caused by pollution, excessive exfoliation, and frequent washing with harsh cleansers that strip away and disrupt your microbiome, leaving your skin barrier damaged. Lavish Studios provides skin treatments, products, and recommendations to restore and rebuild a healthy microbiome, resulting in naturally beautiful, glowing skin!                                            

We aren’t just obsessed with naturally beautiful skin. Lavish Studios also cares deeply for our local community and our planet. We’re always seeking ways we can give back in meaningful ways, so stay tuned for our upcoming community initiatives and events!


Come join us, our professionals would be honored to help heal your skin and empower you to have the best skin of your life!  

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